A History of Serving

More than a century ago, our Masonic founders created an organization dedicated to the proposition that, if another member was overtaken by misfortune, sickness or adversity, the other members should help, aid and assist, and that, in doing so, the members should be guided by these fundamental commitments —   

  • That they should exhibit love and affection, not just for each other, but for others, and by doing so, establish a community that attracts others who want to live the same way.
  • That they should provide relief by easing the cares of those in need and helping them to live rich and meaningful lives; and
  • That in all matters they should speak the truth and keep their promises.

These commitments have their origin in ancient teachings, but it was Freemasonry and its fraternal ideas and practices that inspired the founders to put those commitments into practice in an organization, now known as Compass Park, through which people would serve each other.  

Since its founding, Compass Park has faced many tests.  The enormous needs created by the Great Depression, the complications of the government’s entrance into healthcare and the transformation of healthcare into a business – these are just a few.  Through all these challenges, Compass Park’s fundamental commitments have provided sure guidance.

Today, our commitments remain the same.  Love still motivates our service to others.  We still relieve our residents of the cares of daily life, so that they can live rich and meaningful lives.  You can still count on us to tell the truth and do as we say. In these ways, we haven’t changed. But in other ways, we have.

All are welcome at Compass Park.  You will discover a community that not only cares about you, but in which you will come to care about others.  This is the case whether you are an employee, resident, client or just a visitor.

Compass Park offers a wide range of living and care options that make it one of the premier senior living communities in the state and a leader in services for the aging.  Through the support of its Foundation, the financial needs of Masons and their families are still met.  

Compass Park is a group of people united by a common commitment to love, relief and truth that serves others throughout Indiana whose lives can be enriched and enlivened by our care and who, we hope, will be inspired by our service to care for others.


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